CS4HS_WHOCC_Logo CropWHO Collaborating Centre for Complexity Science for Health Systems

Director: Dr. Babak Pourbohloul

WHO Responsible Officer (Geneva): Dr. Taghreed Adam


Terms of Reference


Collaborative Knowledge Generation

  • Build and maintain an international transdisciplinary network of expert groups and institutions working towards the application of complex systems analysis in health systems policy and planning
  • Develop a methodological framework to apply complex systems analysis in designing and evaluating health systems policy and planning
  • Facilitate interaction between Southern and Northern researchers and scholars from diverse fields related to the application complex systems in health systems

Knowledge Translation

  • Define taxonomy and engage in translation of knowledge generated through complex systems analysis outcomes to policy makers, decision makers, practitioners, public, end users and other researchers

Institutional Strengthening

  • Assist in the establishment and implementation of complex systems analysis frameworks to evaluate health systems performance

Mentoring and Training

  • Provide transdisciplinary training opportunities for scholars, practitioners and trainees from the North and South


  • Secure operational funding for sustainable integration of the complex systems evaluation frameworks into national health systems